This is just a simple wrapper for MPlayer's dumpstream feature, written in Perl.
I wrote it to simplify the process of dumping several DVD titles (e.g. episodes of a TV series DVD release) in one go.



First make sure that the $dump_dir in the user options section of the dvd-dump.pl file is set to the folder you want to save your dumps in.
Start the program by running dvd-dump.pl.
If the folder defined by the $dump_dir variable doesn't exist, the script will ask if you want to create it when you run the program.
When the program asks you for DVD titles you enter a list of one or more space separated title numbers.
After receiving the title number(s) it will ask you for the name of each title, and then start the dump process.

Looking into the future

I plan to release a few more scripts, such as a wrapper for dumping web-streams and a config script to make configuration more simple and logical.
If you have any features you would like to see added, let me know. Contact info can be found here.